My Musings

The twist in life has taken toll, to roll
Around the globe, and back to roots today:
The call of hearth is warm; no way to tell
How time will treat, unsure, await its sway.


[TN Prasad, traveling to Hyderabad from
Lax International Airport, Los Angeles, California.
August 17, 2019 · Los Angeles, CA, United States ] ·

The Kindly Light Thou art, unseen to me
For long; a glimmer now I see, amidst
The gloom; a hopeful ray that might set free
My fears, to clasp Thine Hand, for peace at last.


[TN Prasad, At Arcadia, California, 24th July 2019
This painting was done by my Grand daughter].

A still, in time of frozen times; village
Of Danes in midst America; Her looks
Demand upsurge of joy, a balm to age
In peace, pushing the evening life to nooks.


[TN Prasad is in Solvang, California.
1st July 2019].

Nature Trills

Unmatched in splendour, nature trills her tune
Of peace, that soothes a lonely heart; and clouds
Descend to soften thy misery strewn:
The ray of hope unseen, but well it shrouds.


[ T N Prasad at Bradbury Dam – Lake Cachuma, Santa Barbara.
1st June 2019.]

To City of Angels

My sojourn starts to ‘La La Land’ today,
Yester, never away in solitude,
The journey craves for peace and shine any day,
Will Thee be mine? ever, in fortitude.


TN Prasad is at Rajivgandhi International Airport Hydrabad.
May 25, 2019 · Hyderabad
(On my way, to Los Angeles).


Today I tread towards my town,
The journey seems uncharted maze ahead,
The zeal to seek dimensions new is sown,
Kismet! Now lead my life to peaceful shed.


[TN Prasad is traveling to Hyderabad,  from Dubai International Terminal 3.
August 20, 2018 · Dubai, United Arab Emirates] ·

Balmy Scene

Serene and peace in yonder hills, I seek
A glint, to ebb my ache, and there be change
For life of soothing harmony; mystique
Eludes this rover, long for, times exchange.


TN Prasad at West Field Mall
[A view from Westfield Mall, Santa Anita, California.
10th June, 2018].

An Ardent Wish

I am unlike I was yester; this self
Ever will be myself, a person full?
The shrouded hills beyond, will soon itself,
In sun will bathe, that shine be ours, we mull.


(Yearning from me, for my girls this Mother’s Day)
TN Prasad is in Arcadia, California.
May 14, 2018

Lone Pilgrim

To Los Angeles: Irony of life,
We went together, me and my dear wife
Last time, now a lone pilgrim, grief in rife;
But SHE in my heart travels with me all my life.


[TN Prasad is at Rajiv Gandhi Airport Hyderabad.
February 24, 2018 · Hyderabad].

Seventieth Birthday

Entered today into seven tenfold,
Pranaamam parents, thy memory afresh;
Thankful ever to thee for this full mould,
Forgive trespasses that I did with brash.


[TN Prasad at Hyderabad
September 29, 2017]

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