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Reverence & Thanksgiving to Humane Facets


Rangoli kindles festive harvest times;
The threshold gladly welcomes tides of joys,
And wishing bountiful accrue of dimes,
As bubbling pot of milk visions best days.


@Hyderabad,on Sankranthi Day



In ‘Krishna’, came this thought for souls adrift,
A pier to disembark, and Prerana
Became the haven all throughout; a gift
Revered in thought and deed, as our Manna.


TN Prasad, at Hyderabad, 28th February 2020
(Dr. Krishna came up with this thought of bringing
all the singles who had lost their spouses under ‘Prerana’
for solace, peace and reinforce the will to live).

The Exodus

Pensive and thoughts about Exodus stand,
As Moses prays, for Nile to part, for Jews
To pass between, to reach the Promised Land
And up on Sinai, Ten Commandments comes.


TN Prasad at Hollywood Blvd. CA
August 20, 2017
(Charlton Heston as Moses in Ten Commandments:
Immortal @ Madame Tussaud’s, Hollywood Boulevard, CA.)

Little Girls


Standing there amongst His greatest
Boon to mankind, show us their best;
Little girls come and enjoy lunch,
Gaiety and fun, stay put in drench.

[TN Prasad is in Camarillo, California.
March 22, 2017].



This vegetarian abode is so rare,
Unique for its salads, chosen with care,
Souplantation is the famed name,
Their desserts, a finale set aflame.

[TN Prasad at Camarillo, CA
February 10, 2017].



Delightful smiles of fusion are perceived
Delightful are the colours sweetly fused
Delightful is the unity portrayed
Delightful is the Namaste conveyed.

[TN Prasad March 30, 2017 · Camarillo, CA, United States
My grand daughter’s Dancing School Event. She is in the middle row,
third from left].

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