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Pranamam to the All-Knowing, All-Wise and All-Seeing

Whither To


My friends told me to move forward; where to
I didn’t deduce, until I realized,
It’s His umbrella over me, unto
Infinity of peace, He finalised.


Today is our Marriage Anniversary Day. I miss her forever.


28th February, 2021




Is this the face that launched thousand hopes
In these exacting times; alluring thoughts
Of thine miracles to happen, will suck mopes
That flew from East, shall thus unravel knots.


[TN Prasad at home in Secunderabad
2nd June 2020].


Janmashtami at friend’s, absorbs the Lord’s
Compassion, through this mortal frame, to live
In peace and meet the odds of life with smiles,
Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum, I thrive.


[TN Prasad, at home in Secunderabad
27th August 2019].

Goddess Varalaxmi

Resplendent and magnificent Goddess
Varalaxmi’s benevolence is spread
Across, as we worship for wealth in gross
This Shraavan, and in life be not misled.


TN Prasad is at Janapriya Arcadia Apartments.
August 6, 2017 · Hyderabad

Seven Hills


My heart, my soul belong to thee my Lord,
It is my luck being at thy threshold,
And seek for lasting grace to carry forward
My life in peace, and fade in thine just world.

[TN Prasad at the foot of Seven Hills
March 1, 2017].



Beholding Thee in Karthik month, I soared
To height of joy, but sinned, unknowing Your
Compassion shown to me; the way You cared,
I walked away in blind, now pine forever.

TN Prasad, November 26, 2017
(On 16-11-2017, at Srisailam, I could not perceive His Leela at that moment. Later when the import of Shiv Leela dawned on me, I am left stunned and bewildered, praying for His forgiveness and repent forever and ever. Shambho Shankara Paahimaam Paahimaam….)



The Golden Abode, I see, of Lord’s concord
And all His compassion beyond segregation
Of human lives,and Thee,be mine muse guard
To sing of Thine miracles with hearty devotion.

[TN Prasad at Tirumala
February 20, 2017 ]


In times of fear thy giveth lasting cheer,
In times of pain thy giveth lasting peace,
In times of grief thy wipeth my last tear,
In times of want thy giveth lasting ease.

(Navaneetha chora Narayana ..Shri Narayana
Nee darshana bhagyambu kaluguna
Naa paluku chelluna Shri Narayana ..
Venkata Narayana Tirumala Narayana …)
At Kaavali, AP on 30th September 2019.

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