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Incongruities in Life


A tete-a- tete, I longed for with Godfather;
The Casa Nostra cult, he tells about
How deals delivered prompt, and no further
Review dwells, whatever may be the clout.


TN Prasad at Hollywood Bvld. CA
July 12, 2017
(This photo, taken at Madame Tussaud’s, Hollywood BL., presents the wax figure of Marlon Brando, as Godfather, a movie that I love for ever. I am sitting across Godfather’s table in a mesmerized state; my reflections dwelling on Mario Puzo and Al Pacino. I penned this verse with the thought in mind, that even Mafioso kept its word.)

Cobra Dance

A welcome Cobra Dance I do conjure,
As greeting connected aptly to name,
‘An Area of Darkness’, apt and sure,
Thus perpetrator plays ditty to tame.
T Nagaraja Prasad
at Janapriya Arcadia, Hyderabad
June 2, 2017.

Railway Food

The cat, after a sniff, she runs away;
The mongrel eyes, but quickly bolts away;
The porker also looks, but trots away;
Oh God! accursed we are by our Railway.

TN Prasad at Hyderabad.
August 23, 2017 · YouTube ·



At the city of Le Carbousier; in airport,
After attending work at the Court;
The rides in this city were great
Unlike our city, there were no pits to court.

[TN Prasad is at Chandigarh International Airport.
September 20, 2017 · Chandigarh].

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