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Dreams & Imaginations

The City of Angels beams in radiance,
Effects uplifting my spirits, to fly
Across the Sea and Pole in defiance
Of age, to seek the joys with kin: Goodbye.

My friends in India, au revoir.
At RGI Airport, waiting to board for Los Angeles.

Renault delivers me the graceful Kwid;
Delighted, I prostrate to thee miLord,
For granting joy to this primeval kid;
In glee I dream to ply the road, as bard.


TN Prasad is at AS Rao Nagar
and Janapriya Arcadia.
June 27, 2017

My Fair Lady


‘Eliza’ invited me to ‘cuppatea’,
By George! ‘Pygmalion’ unveils alive,
In Audrey and epic ‘My Fair Lady’,
Eternal joy I seek in that lush hive.


[TN Prasad is at Madame Tussauds, Hollywood, CA
April 27, 2017].

Dolby Theatre


Delightful and tantalising feel, gripping
The whole of me; spellbound as visions ski
Across my mind, of those Legends, flitting
Athwart, for their Oscars in this Dolby.


[TN Prasad is at Hollywood Boulevard.
April 25, 2017 · Los Angeles, CA, United States]

Chumash Natives


Twilight across Ventura horizon gleams,
Twilight amongst the clouds cavorting fine,
Chumash existed years ago, but seems
Chumash became a memoir this coastline.


[TN Prasad is at Ventura Beach.
April 13, 2017 · Ventura, CA, United States].

Oxnard Park


A tranquil morn amongst the greens, a day
Of leisure, joyous tidings kindled, on
Sun drenched day, happy in mind I sway,
Afloat I stay, delving to age bygone.


[TN Prasad is in Oxnard, California.
April 6, 2017].

Joyous Rapture


As I wait for the signal to enter one way,
The sight of Santa Monica Hills holding sway,
Over the magnificent land blended in nature,
Makes me high with joyous rapture.

[TN Prasad, CA
February 7, 2017].

Camarillo Rail Station


Pondering at the Camarillo Station,
Of yester year horses bred at Adolfo Mansion,
As the Amtrak thundered in haste,
Thinking would they gallop so fast.

[TN Prasad is in Camarillo, California.
January 31, 2017].

Candy Cane Lane


Santa welcoming all at Candy Cane Lane.
Christmas floods me with childhood memories
Of days I spent at St Dominic’s Convent
My first dearest school, fresh in my heart,
At St Thomas Mount, Madras.

[TN Prasad at Candy Cane Lane, Woodland Hills, CA
December 24, 2016]·

Melody to Live


The muse I lost, ‘regained’ in melody
Of music, as the symphony elates
My soul to join Her, though away; medley
Of thoughts and destiny unknown, awaits.

[TN Prasad is at The Strip-Las Vegas.
July 23, 2018. Bellagio Fountain]

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