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The soothing sights of all beautiful

A still, in time of frozen times; village
Of Danes in midst America; Her looks
Demand upsurge of joy, a balm to age
In peace, pushing the evening life to nooks.


[TN Prasad is in Solvang, California.
1st July 2019].

Balmy Scene

Serene and peace in yonder hills, I seek
A glint, to ebb my ache, and there be change
For life of soothing harmony; mystique
Eludes this rover, long for, times exchange.


TN Prasad at West Field Mall
[A view from Westfield Mall, Santa Anita, California.
10th June, 2018].

An Ardent Wish

I am unlike I was yester; this self
Ever will be myself, a person full?
The shrouded hills beyond, will soon itself,
In sun will bathe, that shine be ours, we mull.


(Yearning from me, for my girls this Mother’s Day)
TN Prasad is in Arcadia, California.
May 14, 2018

Camarillo Home


I gaze at yonder hills and think to reach
My native hearth, as mind of mine recall
The wistful days of play and cheer; beseech
Thy boon for past life times and be its thrall.

[TN Prasad at home in Camarillo, CA
March 10, 2017].

Quaint Oxnard


The clouds, the azure sky and Starbucks there,
Creates a bond to joy in quaint Oxnard:
The calm I see around, fill peace in air;
To God I pray, for amity unmarred.

TN Prasad at Oxnard, CA
March 7, 2017

Farmers’ Market


Oxnard bazaar for farmers, doing brisk sales
Fresh are the fruits, berries so sweet, happy is
The chat around, in park so green, and tales
Of labour shared, put theirself, amply in ease.

[TN Prasad at Oxnard, CA
February 23, 2017].

Shine & Shadow




Sunshine and shadow, draws towards the stark
Verity; life conveys to seek the peace,
Turmoil is doused by nature in the park,
And shine, uplifts the sunken heart quiesce.

[TN Prasad is at Lacy Park.
July 22, 2018 · San Marino, CA].

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