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Memories in heart that never part

A Dream

A dream of past relives in heart and mind;
Kindles to travel back in time, to hold
And not let go the fantasy; resigned,
Await the time, to pass into His fold.


(On this day, three years ago, she left me for her abode above…..and I still live – in void).


18th December 2020

At Secunderabad

Man & Wife


This day, decades ago, as man and wife,
Together we embarked travel for life;
We savored joy and sorrow till the knife
Of time detached her, leaving me in grief.

[TN Prasad is in Arcadia, California.
February 28, 2018]

My Jewel

Steadfast I held my wife, lest she depart,
But tragic it became, the day He stole
Her, far away to His Abode; my heart
In shatter, tears in eyes, and no console.

(My wife and my love of life Saraswathi Prasad, passed away on 18th December 2017 due to sudden cardiac arrest. I am left void and empty. My Cuckoo flew the Nest ….)
TN Prasad
January 5, 2018 · Kavali



A Look Back


Diwali, year ago; the light of my
Esprit, lit lamps of joy together, now
Never to come beside, I look at sky,
To face that lies ahead, with thoughts of Thou.

( At the Premium Outlets, Camarillo, California, 2017)

Beloved Wife


A year has gone by sans her; life before
Never to come, but yearning for a life
Again with thee intense: Can I forbear
My tears, my ache and live? beloved wife.

T N Prasad with wife at Simi Valley, California.
(On this day, last year, the 18th December 2017, my wife, Saraswathi Prasad passed away but She has never passed away from me and teary eyed forever I am.)
December 18, 2018

A Bond for Life


Together in a bond for life I thought, became a naught;
No more I see the dream that was real,
Awry the Trust became, for battle fought,
A life so dear I lost; but still unreal?

(Camarillo Library, California in 2017)
(Two years have passed since you left me–yet I am still alive).



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