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The pilgrims’ progress in this world

A Friend I Lost


This friend I lost, a shock that numbed the pain;
Together we embarked on friendship for
Decade, and He, behind me stood in rain
And shine; can I forget ever? Never.


(We were at Chowmahalla Palace – Pleasant times were they
Ten days have passed since you passed away
Can I ever reconcile to your absence? No way
In gratitude, Srinivasu, for ever I will stay).




A proud remembrance lingers still in mind,
Of that eventful day in time bygone;
Today the pride rebounds, as mate and friend
of class, is Vice President to nation.


TN Prasad
August 12, 2017
(Sri Venkaiah Naidu is seated second from right. I stand behind in second row , fifth from left.)

Alma Mater

Nostalgic wave of times at school, enter
Our minds, as we, together stand steadfast
To lend support to our Alma Mater,
A matter dear to us, until the last.


TN Prasad at his School in Venkatagiri, August 30, 2017.
(The 1964 SSLC class on that day of farewell and now we, a few, stand there in our school after faring in this world, but never forgot the values our Gurus taught us.)
[I am there in both the pictures.]



School Mates


A still in time of mine, with King and mates
Of class at school, the birthday special, had
Me joyous, midst buddies: never abates
This mirth of childish days; it stays, with glad.

[On my birthday-29th Sept. 2019 – at RVM High School, Venkatagiri, with my classmates and Raja of Venkatagiri ( in beige coat) who is also our classmate].

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