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My tryst with Muses

The Kindly Light Thou art, unseen to me
For long; a glimmer now I see, amidst
The gloom; a hopeful ray that might set free
My fears, to clasp Thine Hand, for peace at last.


[TN Prasad, At Arcadia, California, 24th July 2019
This painting was done by my Grand daughter].

Seventieth Birthday

Entered today into seven tenfold,
Pranaamam parents, thy memory afresh;
Thankful ever to thee for this full mould,
Forgive trespasses that I did with brash.


[TN Prasad at Hyderabad
September 29, 2017]

Birthday Wishes

Sunlight you are, lighting our evening lives,
Always you stand apart and make us proud,
We thrive remembering those adoring times
And wish you Happy Birthday our darling child.


[TN Prasad is at Misson Oaks Park.
May 21, 2017 · Camarillo, CA, United States
My second daughter’s Birthday].

Dream House


The Barbie dream house soared my grandkid’s joy
Her dreams a lot became alive; delight
For me akin to Manna drops: Oh boy!
It seems that heaven granted lasting light.

TN Prasad at Hyderabad, September 9, 2017

Today is my Grand Daughter’s Birthday
Who now lives in a land far away
Dear Buddi your charm always holds me in sway
Grandpa Grandma wish you a very Happy Birthday

Me & My Tryst


In sunset years I travel far to breach
The pain, the fear unknown, in tow amble:
Illusion twists, and try my best to reach
In voice to Thee, and thoughts of doubts, dispel.

Alone, I crave to free myself from chains
Of sadness: Muses! thy alluring voice
Is boon to me, never will there be strains
In binding bond, a fusion of our joys.

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