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Railway Food

The cat, after a sniff, she runs away;
The mongrel eyes, but quickly bolts away;
The porker also looks, but trots away;
Oh God! accursed we are by our Railway.

TN Prasad at Hyderabad.
August 23, 2017 · YouTube ·

Alma Mater

Nostalgic wave of times at school, enter
Our minds, as we, together stand steadfast
To lend support to our Alma Mater,
A matter dear to us, until the last.


TN Prasad at his School in Venkatagiri, August 30, 2017.
(The 1964 SSLC class on that day of farewell and now we, a few, stand there in our school after faring in this world, but never forgot the values our Gurus taught us.)
[I am there in both the pictures.]



Birthday Wishes

Sunlight you are, lighting our evening lives,
Always you stand apart and make us proud,
We thrive remembering those adoring times
And wish you Happy Birthday our darling child.


[TN Prasad is at Misson Oaks Park.
May 21, 2017 · Camarillo, CA, United States
My second daughter’s Birthday].

Hollywood BLVD


In La La Land I stand; perception tells
That Walk of Fame is where I stand; the Stars
Of my pubescent days who kindled fires
Now stand, immortal at Madame Tussauds.


[TN Prasad is at Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States
May 16, 2017].

My Fair Lady


‘Eliza’ invited me to ‘cuppatea’,
By George! ‘Pygmalion’ unveils alive,
In Audrey and epic ‘My Fair Lady’,
Eternal joy I seek in that lush hive.


[TN Prasad is at Madame Tussauds, Hollywood, CA
April 27, 2017].

Dolby Theatre


Delightful and tantalising feel, gripping
The whole of me; spellbound as visions ski
Across my mind, of those Legends, flitting
Athwart, for their Oscars in this Dolby.


[TN Prasad is at Hollywood Boulevard.
April 25, 2017 · Los Angeles, CA, United States]

Chumash Natives


Twilight across Ventura horizon gleams,
Twilight amongst the clouds cavorting fine,
Chumash existed years ago, but seems
Chumash became a memoir this coastline.


[TN Prasad is at Ventura Beach.
April 13, 2017 · Ventura, CA, United States].

Oxnard Park


A tranquil morn amongst the greens, a day
Of leisure, joyous tidings kindled, on
Sun drenched day, happy in mind I sway,
Afloat I stay, delving to age bygone.


[TN Prasad is in Oxnard, California.
April 6, 2017].

Little Girls


Standing there amongst His greatest
Boon to mankind, show us their best;
Little girls come and enjoy lunch,
Gaiety and fun, stay put in drench.

[TN Prasad is in Camarillo, California.
March 22, 2017].

Camarillo Home


I gaze at yonder hills and think to reach
My native hearth, as mind of mine recall
The wistful days of play and cheer; beseech
Thy boon for past life times and be its thrall.

[TN Prasad at home in Camarillo, CA
March 10, 2017].

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